Understanding Leg Pain Coming From The Low Back.

Sciatica means agony in the hip and is commonly linked with the Sciatic nerve which is a bit of a celebrity among nerves in the body as it is the longest one and possibly the most well known.

What actually causes Sciatica?

Most people with signs of Sciatica will have already had lumbar region discomfort before they had Sciatica; there’s no coincidence here as for the majority the difficulty will originate there. The nerves that join together to form the Sciatic nerve really originate in the lumbar region. As well as these nerves there are lots of muscles, ligaments, discs and spinal joints which can refer discomfort down the legs

Could it be something else?

In some rare cases Sciatica like symptoms may be due to more serious conditions like issues with arteries or some of the organs.

What’s referred pain?

Here is where the brain confuses a pain signal from one area with another area. A widely found kind of this problem is folk with heart problems who feel discomfort in their jaw; the discomfort is coming from the heart but the brain confuses it with agony from another area

How long will I have Sciatica?

It is dependent on the scale of your injury and other risk factors:

Decreased activity, heavy lifting, prolonged sitting with slumping posture, prolonged sitting in soft chairs, smoking and previous damage of the lumbar region all increase the chances of getting sciatica and for suffering prolonged symptoms

What am I able to do to stop my Sciatica?

Manual experts like Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors continually treat patients with Sciatica. Acupuncture, Yoga and related exercise classes may also help. Pain relievers can be useful at decreasing the discomfort but they won’t address the underlying cause

Do the NHS treat Sciatica?

Often NHS treatments for sciatica will include analgesics and exercises given by a physiotherapist providing it’s not caused by something more worrying.

Joshua Moffat is a leading expert in the diagnosis and care of sciatica, he works in the Atlas Wellness Centre which is a health centre specialising in ending the suffering caused by sciatica.

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