Steam Rooms And Skin Care

Steam rooms are known as being an aid for skin care. People who use them regularly probably realize that there aren’t many things better for your skin than a good ole’ heavy sweat.

To understand how a steam room benefits your skin, it helps to have an idea what happens to your body during a steam bath…

It’s Hot In There!

From the moment you step inside a steam room, your built-in cooling system starts to kick into overdrive. Two of the many reactions that occur are an increase in…

1. blood circulation and

2. sweat production

Your body maintains a certain temperature commonly referred to as its basal body temperature (normally 98.6 F).

When your steam bath begins, your body increases sweat production to regulate its temperature.

At first, your body is able to fend off the heat by increasing circulation and sweating, but…

When your body is no longer able to dissipate the heat, your body temperature begins to rise. Blood is then forcefully shunted toward the surface of your skin and sweating increases.

This is where the skin care benefits kick in…

Clean Out Those Pores!

While a shower rinses dirt off your body’s surface, the heavy sweating in a steam room rinses out your pores. This removes dead skin and impurities and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean!

A plain old shower or bath alone just doesn’t compare.

Blood Circulation Benefit

The increase in blood circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to your skin surface. One way this benefits your skin is by enhancing collagen reproduction.

Collagen is partly responsible for your skin’s strength and elasticity.

In summary…

You can see how taking steam baths regularly will most likely improve your skin complexion and the way it feels. Heavy sweating combined with the increase in blood circulation is why steam rooms are good for skin care.

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