Green Poop In Babies

Green poop is something that you must have surely seen if you have a child. It will appear every so often in your baby’s diaper, but there is no need to panic. Because these are not indications of anything serious and several reasons can be attributed to the sudden apperance of the green poop

Some babies who are fed primarily with formula may react to the iron in the formula by producing green poop. This is nothing to worry about, provided that your child is generally content and has regular bowel movements.

You may also see green or dark colored poop if your baby suffers from jaundice, but once your  child is done with phototherapy treatment to correct the jaundice, his poop should return to normal.

If you are breastfeeding your baby and there is mucous in his green poop, your child might be sensitive to something you’re eating. Most child food allergies are caused by dairy products. If you think dairy might be the culprit, try going a week or two without eating dairy products and see if the situation improves. If the green poop goes away and then returns after you resume eating dairy, you should try to avoid dairy products during the rest of your breastfeeding time. Seeing bloody poop, skin rashes or frequent spit-up can also be indications of a food allergy.

When you first begin breastfeeding, the milk you produce (foremilk) is watery and contains less fat. As you continue to breastfeed, you begin to make heavier milk (hindmilk) that contains more fat. If you are constantly switching breasts while you breastfeed, your child might be missing out on the hindmilk. This can cause green poop and a sore tummy.

While a baby’s poop color usually stays in the yellow range, sometimes it’s just green. It can vary for any number of different reasons. If you have a content child who is gaining the proper amount of weight, you shouldn’t worry.


Black poop is commonly caused from an abundance of iron. This may come from being fed an iron-fortified baby formula or a simple iron supplement. Sometimes, however, black poop can be a sign of serious intestinal hemorrhage. If your baby’s diaper looks like it was smeared with tar, you should call your pediatrician right away.


Observing bloody poop in your baby’s diaper can be frightening. Nevertheless, seeing the occasional small bloody streak in the diaper is usually normal. Be on the lookout for bloody poop that contains mucous or poop that looks like blobs of reddish purple jelly. If you see either of these symptoms, or if your baby has frequent bloody poop and appears to be in pain, call your pediatrician immediately.

If your child has recently suffered from a bad diaper rash, the resulting break down of skin may cause small amounts of blood to appear in his poop.

As described above, allergies to dairy or other foods can cause your baby to produce bloody poop.

Most likely, the little streaks of blood you see in your baby’s poop from time to time are caused by a small tear in the anus, as a result of straining. This is normal.

As you can see, changes in a baby’s poop color are usually nothing to get upset about. However, if you have any doubts or questions, it’s always best to check with your doctor.

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