Do You Leave Your Body During Sleep?

There has been much talk about what happens to people when they sleep. Modern science can check things like brainwaves, respiration and vital organ function. However there are some things that are still difficult to measure. Much of that concerns the human mind. There is still much to be discovered about sleep and the human mind. Some of it may still be conjecture.

When you sleep, does your consciousness actually leave your body and travel elsewhere? It certainly goes somewhere. Is the human mind existent in many layers? Perhaps it can be compared to computers, shells and laptop computer skins. Does this seem a bit out there? Perhaps, but it may explain a few things.

A lot of people report the experience of leaving their bodies at night. This happens too frequently to be merely a coincidence of collective illusions. Then there is also the often reported, near death experience. Many people ask about a validity of the human soul. Is it something tangible or is it ephemeral? Certainly it is not something that can be sucked up into a handheld vacuum and trapped. However, it may exist in another realm of consciousness.

There are many things that you cannot see. That does not mean that they do not exist. Take microscopic organisms. They can live their life cycles on and in you. You have no idea that they are there. That is, until you get sick. Then you know that they are for real. Does the soul exist in the same manner?

Maybe you actually leave your physical body every night. What can that mean? Perhaps it means that there is much more to you than meets the eye. This may show the way to things that lie beyond death’s door. Perhaps that age old question can finally be answered. Is this why religions wield such power over people?

When you leave your body, what it is that is leaving? What part of you stays on the bed? This should be taken more seriously into study. Perhaps the mind in sleep will reveal more things about the mind awake. What goes on when you leave this world? Everyone on the planet is interested in that poser. Perhaps the answers do not lie in the tangible. This does not mean that they are unattainable.

Final thoughts

When you fall asleep, what happens to your consciousness? If you leave your body, what leaves? What is it that stays? How many layers exist to the human psyche? Is it similar to the laptop, outer shell and a notebook skin? No one may ever know the answers. This may call for a better understanding of the human mind and sleep. It may lead to a better understanding of life and death. This could bring comfort to many.

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